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Our Volunteer Opportunities

Help us make a difference in Ugandan lives.

We offer four main programs you can support us through.

R.E.A.L Factory (Operational)

Production of yoghurt and cream cheese is an involved process, requiring attention to detail and mentorship to our staff.

This role is physically demanding, and best suited to those able to cope with long hours & interested in social work.

R.E.A.L Factory (Marketing)

Promotion of our products locally, nationally and in trade fairs. Best suited to people who like to speak to strangers and have passion for our mission.

Children's Sports Program

Incredible opportunity to support children during school holidays, by coaching sports such as football, basketball, netball, chess, swimming &  skateboarding.

Children's Educational

Program operating during the school term, at various local schools, focusing on fostering life skills such as effective communication, honesty & kindness. Male mentors also needed for general mentorship of teenage boys.


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