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My name is Mirembe Robina.

I am 29 years old and I stay in Najeera. 

I remember the time I started working at R.E.A.L Yoghurt - I wanted to still be able to look after my children, but I also wanted to earn income for my family. The company accepted that I could only work 4 hours a day, and they gave me the job.

Before I joined this company, I didn't have school fees for the children and rent for the house. Somehow, now I get money and pay rent, my children go to school and eat well.

What's good about this company is that they pay well, and they are caring, they really look after us.

In my community, this company has brought jobs to ladies and they have developed compared to how they were before. 

Our boss has no problem with us. and she handles us well as women. 

I advise women out there to come here and we work for this company so that we can develop and also develop our community.

Help R.E.A.L Yoghurt support more women in the community

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