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My name is Salama and I am 25 years old from Arua. I've been working at Real Yoghurt for 1 year and I'm married with 2 children.

My friend told me about Real Yoghurt and I am happy to work here as I was staying at home without a job and bored.

I have learnt a lot of things here like being friendly and having friends and learning to share. It is also a very clean factory where we have learnt how to clean and to keep the environment around us clean. I am happy to find good bosses who care about me. When you work hard and do the work well you make them proud and happy.

I would like to keep working in the company to save money and one day try to have my own business. 

My advice for everyone is to be able to work hard and well to be able to be employed and to take work seriously. I'm hoping for the factory to expand and success for my bosses.

Help R.E.A.L Yoghurt support more women in the community

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