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My name is Agaba Consolanta. I am 29 years old. I come from Najeera Bulabira. 

How I joined this company, when Lydia and her team came here, they first went through the community preaching the Gospel. That's how they started preaching the word of God. They added that wanted to create a group of women. Time came, we gathered into a group called the Women's Development Group. They had an idea to start a business.


During Women's Development Group, then Ms. Lydia started Revival East African ladies independently. She came also looking for workers and she called me and I joined, and I'm still working here today!

Before I began working here, there was a lot I couldn't afford - For example paying school fees for children. Now, when my husband does not have the money to pay school fees, I am able to help support in that area because children belong to us both. When I started working, things because better. 

Before Real Yogurt, I first worked in a salon. Well, I am challenged today but there is improvement. I am not yet there but I am hopeful. I have learnt to work well with people. We work as a family. We are advised. 

In future, I hope costumers will increase, production will increase and salary will increase too. Then, I hope to start a personal business.

In the community, Real Yogurt has helped to employ women. It has trained us well, and constructed water trench drains.

What makes Real Yogurt different from other employers? They pay well and and on time. And what we produce is good!

Our boss is good, she speaks well with her employees, she gives us peace, she really respects us as her staff.

I advise people who are not in Real Yogurt to try and look for jobs and work because there is nothing better than working. 

We are proud of our boss, she is so good and behaves well with us.

Help R.E.A.L Yoghurt support more women in the community

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