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Revival of East African Ladies

Revival of East African Ladies (R.E.A.L) is a charity which trains, employs and brings hope to vulnerable women at the dairy factory, based at Najeera, Uganda. All our products are natural and probiotic. 100% of our profits are directed to charitable causes.

Uganda’s main challenge lies in responding to the increasing lack of reasonable jobs. Uganda’s national unemployment rate is 9.4%, while the unemployment rate for youth aged 18-30 is 13.3%. These rates are significantly worse as Ugandans are highly likely to be underemployed, in precarious and non-rewarding work, or in jobs that cannot offer decent incomes. Buy our products and help us to achieve our first goal of employing 100 Ugandans! 

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Our vision is to bring hope and empowerment to vulnerable East African communities by upskilling and engaging them in gainful employment. In 2019, the Revival of East African Ladies (R.E.A.L) dairy factory was opened in the Ugandan city of Najjera, Kampala, producing probiotic yoghurt and cheese, using all natural ingredients. We also support local farmers in training them to consistently produce high quality milk and paying a fair milk price at farm gate.

Our yoghurt doesn't just mean jobs and income for our factory staff - the probiotics we use were designed specifically to combat the bacteria that causes stomach issues and diarrhoea in children in the region. Our goal is to not only empower women, but reduce the rate of children dying from preventable and curable gastric and intestinal illness. 



Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world, with 78% under the age of 30, representing significant development potential. However, the lack of availability of viable employment is a barrier that far too many face. R.E.A.L Yoghurt aims to address this issue by not only providing employment, but training and mentorship to vulnerable women in the community.

R.E.A.L Yoghurt currently employs women aged 18-45, women who have been victims of abuse, violence and poverty. Our program equips them with skills to rise above these barriers, and to be champions in their families and communities.


We are unique! Our yoghurt is 100% natural, hand-made and environmentally friendly. It is a combination of locally sourced milk and probiotic cultures, specifically modified by European microbiologists to combat diarrhoea (the second biggest killer of children in Africa). 


Our yoghurts come in two flavours: Natural, Pineapple, Vanilla, and Honey Cinnamon, and the health benefits are endless! From treating GI issues to skin conditions (and as tasty face masks) we pride ourselves in producing one of Uganda's tastiest and most versatile dairy products. 


We've recently added probiotic cream cheese to our mix, with many more products to come. 



We work together with local and international communities to ensure that we can deliver the best product where it is needed most. The demand for our products is so high that R.E.A.L Yoghurt has the potential to expand and employ over 1,00 Ugandans, but we can't do it alone.

When you donate to R.E.A.L Yoghurt you are not only helping us to empower these women, but you are providing life-saving yoghurt to children - imagine saving a child's life through yoghurt! 

You can support this work through one-off donations or by becoming a monthly partner. Find out more on our donate page!

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